Setup and Login into WMS (SkuVault)

Back-Track has recently changed over to SkuVault to help manage inventory in our multiple warehouses and provide clients with instant visibility to inventory quantities and conditions within our system.

Note: We are still using the other system for tickets, BT2A, BT2C, reSELL reporting, Invoicing and other communications.  In 2023 we will continue to merge systems into 1 seamless system and operation.  Currently, SkuVault is only being used for inventory control and visibility.

Should take only a few minutes to get setup.

  1. Receive email invitation from SkuVault (and Back-Track).  Check your spam folder if you don't see it.
  2. Create your Free Account (login will take about 5 minutes to activate)
  3. "ACCEPT" Back-Track's connection (very important)
  4. You can download inventory quantities or view online

Once you're in, you can view online or download your inventory levels anytime 24/7.

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