How Does the reSELL Program Work?

reSELL is one of the most popular features for many of our clients!  It is the ability to help you recover lost profits without any extra work on your part.

Some clients have 100% everything go to reSELL.  Some clients pick-and-choose.  Some have business rules if the item is in A, B or C condition, send to reSELL.  It is your choice.

Once an item is selected for reSELL it will begin the journey to find a new home.  We may place this item on our physical retail shelf or on a virtual online shelf.  Our retail location is in Lincoln, Nebraska and called BuyBox Club.  We also provide wholesale liquidation services for deep quantity, reSELLING to local retailers in larger quantity to help move things along.

Our goal is to provide a good balance between volume and sale price. The process is set up so it's in our best interest to get as much as we can but also move the product.  Same as your best interest so our goals are aligned!

We track all sales on a monthly basis on the 10th of the following month we pay you 50% of the "BEEF Proceeds" for your items.  BEEF, what's that you ask?  Good question.  It's what we call the net profits that we generate by reSELLING your items.

BEEF = Net Sales - Marketplace Fees - Payment Fees - Shipping Fees - Local Tax

Net sales = sales revenue + local tax revenue + shipping revenue

Marketplace Fees = eBay fees (8-15%), Amazon fees (8-15%), Retail Fees (15%)

Payment Fees - Paypal or credit card fees of about 2.9%

Shipping Fees - actual shipping cost to ship the item(s)

Local Tax - 7.25% for Nebraska (only) sales tax.  This is a pass-through as we collect it then take it back out so we can pay the tax-man.

On the 10th of the month, we will share reSELL results for the previous month and how much $ we owe you!  We pay you with Paypal or ACH to a USA bank account.

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