Shipping Replacement Parts to a Customer (BT2C)

YAY your item is in "Ready to Ship" status!  It's time to ship the item to your customer and recover some lost profits.  There are 2 ways to do this.

1) Create a shipping label in Amazon or eBay and attach it to the item you wish to have us ship.

Note: This is the "Preferred Method" when available.  It offers a quicker tracking# to your customer and less chance for data entry errors.

2) Create a BT2C order in our system and we will create a shipping label and ship. See below for steps.

1 ) Creating a shipping label in Amazon FBM

Step 1: Select "Buy Shipping" on the order you wish to ship out.


Step 2: Select the shipping method and choose the correct label size: 4 in x 6 in PDF With Packing Slip.  (option 3 in our example)


Step 3: Attach the shipping label to the ticket you wish to ship out.


Step 4: Add a note to the ticket BT2C ship using attached label.  This is VERY IMPORTANT as it changes the ticket status to "Customer Reply" so we know to look at this ticket.


Step 5: Wait.  Once the ticket status changes to "Resolved"  it has been shipped.

Note: Steps for eBay are similar.  Please affix the eBay shipping label to the ticket you wish to ship out.  Label format 4" x 6" is preferred.

2) Creating a BT2C Order on Dashboard

UPDATED: 6/1/21

We've made this process easier.  You can simply email your order to:

IMPORTANT:  email FROM the same email address you have on file with is.

The email will create a new ticket in our system for your account after it matches your from email address.

The email subject should include BT2C and the SKU you wish to ship.  For example:  BT2C DemoSKU123

You can repeat the SKU or any special instructions in the description area.  Then the address should be in the following format:

First Name Last Name
City, State Zip
Phone (optional)

That's it.  Our shipping software will email you the tracking# once it ships out.

Alternate method:

You can also create a NEW TICKET manually with the same subject and description.

BT2C DemoSKU123

First Name Last Name
City, State Zip
Phone (optional)

Note: If your email to did not create new ticket in the system, the manual way is a good backup.  We'd prefer you email them if possible because we have more automation setup for this process.

Possible causes for error:
a) The email was sent from another email address than we have on file
b) There might be firewall issues.  Some China companies are not able to email to this email address.

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