Ticket Status

The ticket status is used to give an idea where the item is along the reCOVERY process.

We have about 20 different statuses available.  Here's a list of the common ticket statuses you may see:

New - A new ticket that has not been processed yet

Waiting on Customer - Waiting for you to give us a response, more details or instructions

Customer Reply - You replied, it is now our turn to take action (WE WACTH THIS STATUS EVERYDAY)

In Bound - Item is inbound to us

Ready to Ship - Item is "ready to ship" wherever you wish.  FBA, 3PL or a new customer. We are holding it for you.

reSELL - Item is IN the reSELL process.  On a store shelf or online.  This status is also used to connect inventory between systems.

Note: it is possible to have a SKU in reSELL status with "0" quantity available.  This is how we know the item is out of stock but once back in, reSELL again.  Select the PDF button on the ticket detail page to see the quantity.


Sell in Store - This item is only being resold in our physical liquidation retail store.

Use for Parts - This item is saved to use for parts in the future

Ship Out - This item is going to be shipped out soon (most likely today)   BT2C

Resolved - THIS IS THE FINAL STATUS OF A TICKET.  Once the item is shipped out or gone, the ticket is "Resolved".

Note: the ticket search box filters out resolved tickets BY DEFAULT SEARCH so if you wish to see resolved tickets, change the search filter first.


Destroy - This item has no more value, being destroyed.

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