The Ticket Dashboard

  • Item Grades and Conditions

    Condition  A  Like New 100%  B  Like New (small scratches/signs of use)  C  Major Scratches or marks  D  Does not work or damaged  X   Not Inspected Parts/Accessories  1  All parts included  2  Missing non-critical parts  3  Missing critical parts  X   Not Inspected
  • PDF Detail View of Ticket

    To see additional ticket details not displayed on the ticket detail screen, select the PDF button located near the top right corner of the screen. The PDF will show you additional information such as, Quantity, Condition, Accessories.  For some service levels, you can also see tracking inbound, ...
  • Ticket Status

    The ticket status is used to give an idea where the item is along the reCOVERY process. We have about 20 different statuses available.  Here's a list of the common ticket statuses you may see: --------------------- New - A new ticket that has not been processed yet Waiting on Customer - Waitin...