The Back-Track Solution to Customer Returns

Our specialty is “Automation” and “Recovery” so you can focus on growing your business.

With approximately 800 Amazon sellers and other online retailers using Back-Track as their customer returns processing center, Back-Track is the leading solution for recovering lost profits from online customer returns and liquidations.  Back-Track is also a leading solution for special services such as relabeling, reboxing, rebuilding and repairing.  Centrally located in Lincoln, NE for quick and low-cost shipping across the entire country.

Knowing what is getting returned and why is the first step in reducing online customer returns.
Back-Track has developed a customer returns inspection process like no other. Focused on gathering details while also being efficient.  With a large portion of online retailers living in other countries, they have no access to see or learn from their customer returns.  Back-Track provides that opportunity with photos, grading process and a way to document returns at a level not offered by anyone else in the industry. This allows retailers to fix quality control issues and constantly improve the quality of their products.

reCOVERY is a massive challenge. It requires a focused effort and scalable solution capable of operating within a range of unlimited variations.

Every customer returned product is "Unique" based on condition, what's included or missing.  From a logistics perspective this is a nightmare to manage with scale and efficiency.  Back-Track is building the solution to this problem with controlled "Business Rules" that help departmentalize the unlimited variations into buckets of opportunity where policies can be applied, and solutions can be executed.

Back-Track reSELLS online customer returns and liquidation items across multiple marketplaces.  We also have our own 9,000 square foot Liquidation Super Center retail store.  We reSELL customer returns at and on eBay, Wish, Facebook with an emphasis on "Local" when possible.

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