The Online Customer Return Problem

The final frontier in eCommerce.

Back-Track is leading the charge to fix this problem.

It's been ignored too long and now a $761 Billion problem in the USA.

  • $218 Billion in customer returns per year from online sales (NRF)
  • $23.2 Billion in fraudulent returns per year (NRF)
  • $126 Billion in customer returns on Amazon marketplace (estimated)
  • Growing 21% per year!!

That's $761 Billion that retailers "Lost" to their bottom line from customer returns.

The ECONOMIC IMPACT is nearly $1 TRILLION per year after adding logistics and disposal costs.

The impact on the environment is also very troubling.

  • 5 billion pounds of customer returns are sent to the landfill each year
  • 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from customer returns transportation

Serious efforts need to happen to fight this trend and damage to our environment.  Back-Track is singlehandedly focused on this mission.

60% of Amazon GMV in the USA comes from "Third Party Sellers" (3PS).  40% of the 3PS on Amazon are international and live/operate their business from another country.

  • They do not have a warehouse or location to ship their online customer returns from Amazon FBA to.
  • Amazon does not ship returns back across international borders
  • Most choose the "Destroy" option on Amazon because of limited options.
  • 3rd Party Logistics Companies (3PLs) are focused on forward logistics and not reverse logistics.

Most customer returns still have 40-80% of their value.
Back-Track is focused on reCOVERING this value for online retailers and to help reduce the carbon impact on our environment.

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