Why We Started Back-Track

We're on a $1 Billion mission to save e-Commerce!

The founders of Back-Track have a long history in e-Commerce and in recovering value from damaged or returned goods.

Brandon Dupsky has 24 years in e-Commerce building some of the biggest seller accounts for eBay and Amazon back in the "Early Days".  Liquidating customer returns for large online retailers and even for eBay at one point.  As the former Managing Director of PeSA (Professional eBay Seller's Alliance), his finger is on the pulse of the community and the needs of the online retailer.

Nestor Perez has over 15 years of experience in the repair and recovery space working for Bosch and eventually owning his own electronics repair business.  With these two skills combined, Back-Track's leadership has a deep understanding of the problem and the solution.

We know the customer returns problem is real, the problem is huge, and nobody seems to be attacking the problem HEAD-ON!

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